Polytimi Harriet Galatis

About the Artist

Artist BiographyBiography

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1962, Polytimi developed a love for Art, Museums, and particularly painting from a very early age. She trained in Interior Design/Decoration and was awarded a Certificate in Decoration with the City & Guilds Society London. She has decorated properties in London, Bahrain and Dubai. The Artist’s work is influenced by various Great Masters:   John Singer Sargent, Claude Monet; Georges Surat and Paul Signac, and is also fascinated by the cubism master Georges Braque.

The Artist began painting full time in 2005, she now lives in Singapore where she continues to study artistic techniques and share in creative ideas with fellow artists.

Artist Statement

Expressing myself through my paintings brings me an inner peace which can only be described as pure joy. To study art is to observe order, rhythm, and brilliance in the great mystery that is; Ordinary Life. It is my adventure of discovery that allows me to break through my own self-imposed boundaries to create art which I truly love. My style is evolving constantly as my passion and my need to paint, leads me into continuous exploration and expression of this wonderful medium.

With God’s grace I hope to develop my craft so that each piece brings tranquillity and joy to its surrounding space.

Polytimi H. Galatis